The beauty of Taitung is beyond description.  Enjoy nature’s gift of high mountains, rift valleys, creeks and oceans all in one place.  From this blessed land spring froth rich ecological resources and products, such as rice, tea, Day Lilies, custard apples, sailfish and other specialties.  The indigenous tribes of Taitung, the Amis, Puyuma, Rukai, Bunun, Paiwan, Yami and Kavalan, the versatile tribal colors paint the earthy Taitung into a brilliantly eye-catching artwork.

Luye Gaotai hot air balloon area

Luye, located in the East Rift Valley Scenic Area, boasts high mountains, hills, terraces, and plains. It is noted for its many terraced fields, much sunlight, unpolluted air, and plentiful and clean water resources. The mountain and water scenery is radiant, resulting in a variety of agricultural resources and rich, natural tourist resources. The “Luye Tea” is now famous throughout all of Taiwan, and the Gaotai Tourist Tea Plantation and paragliding activities attract tens of thousands of visitors here every year. The Luye Gaotai is located near to where the Beinan River and Luye River converge, and the rising of the earth’s crust, in addition to the river segmenting, has resulted in the forming of the famous river terrace terrain, allowing the Gaotai area’s field of vision to be abnormally vast.  The open space on the steep cliffs not only is a superior scenic area, but is also the best place in the whole of Taiwan for hot air balloon experts to converge.


The unique geological landscape of Siaoyeliou is a result of inverted sandstone and mudstone layers. After a geological structure change, the gigantic sandstone shale became upside down and covered with coral reef. After years of sea erosion, a unique geological form was developed.

JinZun Land-Tied Island

On the south side of Donghe Village is an island parallel to the seashore of Jinzun fish port.  The unique landform leads to the formation of circling waves, which accumulated sand enough to connect the island with the seashore.  The form is known as tombolo.  The ancho-shape rocks there are marvelous.  This is the only tombolo in Taiwan that continues to grow.  The magnificent view of azure sky and white splashes at Jinzun Land-Tied Island, in the day or at night, is well renowned.

Taitung Forest Park-(Pipa Lake)

The scenic Pipa Lake is a habitat of aquatic animals and plants, and by the lake are a viewing platform and a cabin that overlooks the waterfowl.

Sansiantai – Where the Three Immortals stepped to heaven

formerly, Sansiantai was a narrow and elongated cape into the ocean.  When the neck of the cape was eroded by the tide, the rest of the cape was disconnected with the land and became an island.  The isolated island remained unaffected by human civilization and preserves abundant seashore plant species, and was thus claimed a natural reserve later on.  There is also a famous eight-arch cross-ocean bridge, a great spot to watch sun rising over the Pacific Ocean.

Green Island (Lyudao Township)

Green Island is known as the isolated pearl of sea in Taitung County.  Jhaorih Hot Springs is the only sea-water hot spring in Taiwan, where the tourists can enjoy the sunrise, moonlight, shining stars, green mountains, and deep blue sea.  The cliffs and hills on the island are covered with wild lilies which bring out the elegant white lighthouse that guard the safety of the sailors.

Orchid Island (Lanyu Township)

Orchid Island is an unrestrained ocean paradise, the place where the only oceanic aboriginal tribe in Taiwan lives.  Kurosio Current brings the flying fish as well as the blessing of the ocean; the Yami paddles the canoe through the Flying Manawag (Flying Fish Festival), Hair Dance, and Mivaci (Millet Festival) To celebrate the mysterious culture of the oceanic tribe.