Swim –  Flowing Lake in Taitung

113K 1.9KM 

The two-lap swim is in a man-made reservoir with easy views for spectators to watch from the shore. The course starts from a pontoon in an anti-clockwise direction with a total of two turn buoys. The average water depth for most of the course is 2.5m. The swim course is in crystal clear water from a natural spring and mild temperatures.

※Wetsuit is allowed if the water temperature is up to and including 24 °C. Race organizers reserve the right to restrict the usage of wetsuit depending on conditions. Race Director will announce it at the Race Briefing, the day before the race.

Transition area


113K 90KM

Run –  Taitung Forest Park and Taitung Suburbs

113K 21KM 

The run combines the cultural heart of Taitung city with the beautiful Pipa Lake Park, the surrounding tranquil rice fields and orchards and vibrant ocean promenade. 

Junior Race Course

Age7-15: swim 350m /bike 5km /run 2km
Under-6: swim 100m /Push Bike 1km /run 800m