Challenge Family Asia Pacific The Championship – 11月18日, 2018

 Organizer:Taiwan Triathlon Sport Development Association

1) Race Distances:
 Distance  Swim  Bike  Run
113 Half Distance 1.9km(1:30) 90km(4:00) 21km(3:30)
Junior age7-15 350m 4km 2km
Junior age3-6 100m Push Bike 1.2km 800m

※The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the race course and distance depending on changing weather conditions.

2) Event Date:2018 November 17th-18th

3) Competition place:

Taitung, “the hometown of the sun”. There are the most pure ocean, rolling mountains, warm and hospitable residents; also have clear Flowing Lake, beautiful breathtaking coastline and lively and enthusiastic Tie Hua village, every corner of Taitung is full of stories and surprises, let us explore the beauty of Taitung. The swimming course will start by the Flowing Lake, this is an open water place which suitable to swim, the audience can also watch the game comfortable beside the swimming course. In the bike course, athlete will through the lofty Carp Mountain and the spectacular Pacific coastline, the last running course, combined with the lively Taitung city center, quiet and pleasant fields and beach trails, and then the finish line is in the Tie Hua village. Let us celebrate together for a wonderful match day.

4)  Race Distances:

November 17th (Saturday)
Junior 3-6 years old (Swim 100m、Push Bike 1km、Run 800m)
Junior 7-15 years old (Swim 350m、Bike 4km、Run 2km)

November 18th (Sunday)
113km Half Distance: Swim 1900m, Bike 90km, Run 21km, cut-off time at 9 hours.

5) Registration Fees:

Registration Date / Distance 113 individual 113 Relay
2018/03/01-2018/04/30 (EarlyBird) US$330 US$455
2018/05/01-2018/06/30 (Normal) US$355 US$480
2018/07/01-2018/09/15 (LateBird)) US$380 US$505
Registration Date / Distance Junior age 7-15 Junior 3-6
2018/05/07-2018/09/15 NT$1,500 NT1,200

1) 18 years or older
2) When checking-in please present your personal ID or documents (passport, driver’s license, etc) and sign the waivers for the event.
3) Athletes who are not 18 years or older will require parental consent and a seperate waiver


6) Registration Method

1) Registration: active
2) Payment: Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard/JCB)

7) Age Groups:By Gender and Age

Athletes will be allocated by their age on the race date of 2018/11/18:

Male Female Birth Year
M18-24 F18-24 (1994-1999)
M25-29 F25-29 (1989-1993)
M30-34 F30-34 (1984-1988)
M35-39 F35-39 (1979-1983)
M40-44 F40-44 (1974-1978)
M45-49 F45-49 (1969-1973)
M50-54 F50-54 (1964-1968)
M55-59 F55-59 (1959-1963)
M60-64 F60-64 (1954-1958)
M65-69 F65-69 (1949-1953)
M70-74 F70-74 (1944-1948)
M75-79 F75-79 (1939-1943)
M80-84 F80-84 (1934-1938)
M85-89 F85-89 (1929-1933)
M90-94 F90-94 (1924-1928)
M95-99 F95-99 (1919-1923)

Junior age 7-15

Male Female Birth Year
M13-15 F13-15 (2003-2005)
M11-12 F11-12 (2006-2007)
M9-10 F9-10 (2008-2009)
M7-8 F7-8 (2010-2011)

Junior age 3-6

Male Female Birth Year
M5-6 F5-6 (2012-2013)
M3-4 F3-4 (2014-2015)

Finisher T-Shirt size chart:

Adult Finisher Shirt Sizes
(cm) XS S M L XL
height 150-160 161-166 167-172 173-178 179-185
chest 88 94 100 106 112
lengh 63 66 69 72 74

Limited Hoodie size chart:

Limited Hoodie sizes
chest ~86 86~91 91~96 96~101 101~106 106~111

Junior Finisher Shirt Sizes

Junior Finisher Shirt Sizes
(公分) XS S M L XL
height 140 150 151-160 161-166 167-172
chest 78 82 88 94 100
length 54 58 63 66 69

8)   Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Registration is not transferrable to other distances, age groups, or future events.
  2. Athletes who complete registration will have a 7 day window from date of completion to apply for a full refund due to circumstances beyond control, less transaction service fees.
  3. Refunds requested before 2018/8/31 23:59 will be elligible for a 50% refund.
  4. Registering within seven days can be full refund. You will receive your refund on Sep 15th, 2018. (Fee is not included) 
  5. Register between 09/01.2018-09/10.2018 can’t be refund.
  6. Athletes are responsible for confirming refund requests with the organizer. Please email all refund/cancellation requests to 
  7. Transaction fees are non-refundable.


9)    Insurance:

1) Organizer will ensure each athlete with “Public Accidental Insurance”.
Coverage includes accidental death of NT$3,000,000, elliglble to receive a medical deductible of $ 2,500, claims limit of NT$60,000.
2) Please have your own insurance where needed.
3) Organizer will help athletes with indemnity work and acquire reimbursal expense but won’t offer any damage compensation or sympathy claims.
4) Please have your Health Insurance Card with you at the race.
5) Please note:
The organizer shall not assume any liability for health risks on the part of the participant in relation to the participation in the event.
The participant is aware oft he fact that the participation in the event has inherent risks, and that a risk of serious injuries, or even death, cannot be excluded.
The participant confirms and agrees that he shall himself be responsible for determining whether he is sufficiently fit and of good health in order to take part in the event without any concerns.
He further confirms that no doctor or person of comparable position has recommended not to take part in the event.