Inn by the Village

July, 2016, in the cross between Zhonghua Rd and Tiehua Rd in Taitung city, a simple humanistic architecture sits elegantly by the corner; its soft colors bring out layers of charming light, quietly exuding fresh air. Nan Fung International Corp launches a new aesthetics of living in the commercial district of the old railway , and proudly introduces its second hotel in line, Inn by the Village.

Following the philosophy of personalized service and aiming at the highest guest satisfaction, we strive to profess in customizing and cater to every traveler’s needs. Through our dedicated and professional service, we hope that each of our guest can have an enjoyable journey that feels right at home. With 109 brand new guest rooms and the first restaurant with boast south pacific live music in Taitung, there’s a story in every corner to satisfy each adventurer . Our minimalist and classic interior design carefully describes every landscape, surrounding each guest with perfect scenes. Imagine the most serene and tranquil visual indulgence, naturally guiding you to expand all senses to embrace a lifestyle with taste and enjoy life in slow tempo. Let the wonderful memory of the journey be seared upon your heart, and allow us to plant a field of the most beautiful pictures in your soul.

2018 Challenge Asia-Pacific Exclusive discount rates for athletes are NOW available!
Please make your reservation via email.

Room Category Rack Rate Weekday Weekday Public holiday
Double Room
View Room
One King Size Bed TWD$ 6,000 TWD$ 2,600 TWD$ 3,200
Twin Room
View Room
Two Single Beds TWD$ 6,000 TWD$ 2,600 TWD$ 3,200
Family Room/span>
View Room
Two Double Bed TWD$ 8,000 TWD$ 3,900 TWD$ 4,300​​

Inn by the Village

TEL: +886-89-328160
FAX: +886-89-329833
Address: No.585, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Road, Taitung City, Taiwan

Chihpen Century Hotel

Offering 280 guestrooms, Century Hotel features a five-star design and taste. The hotel is located beside the famous Chihpen Hot Spring Street and is about a 30 minute drive from the airport and downtown Taitung. Weak alkaline carbonate spring water is provided throughout the hotel. On the top floor, there is an open-air nude bathing hot spring pool that brings you the best bathing enjoyment.

2018 11/16 – 11/19 Exclusive discount rates for athletes are NOW available! 
Please make your reservation via email. 

Room Category Room Type Rack Rate Weekday Public holiday 3 Days 2 Night
Landscape Superior Room
View Room
King Bed/Twin Beds TWD$9,200 TWD$6,000 TWD$10,000
Japanese Luxury Room
View Room
Tatami 定價 NT$9,200 TWD$9,200 TWD$6,000 TWD$10,000
Landscape Luxury Room
View Room
Double Queen Bed TWD$12,800 TWD$6,000 TWD$7,500​​ TWD$12,500​​
Grand View Japanese Room
View Room 
Tatami TWD$12,800 TWD$6,000 TWD$7,500​​ TWD$12,500​​
  • Rates are including transport from train station or airport for once return. Please make reservation in advance with hotel.
  • Free shuttle bus to competition venues. For shuttle bus service, please make a reservation with the Information Center one day earlier by 17:00.
  • Breakfast box would be offered to all athletes. Please make a reservation with the Information Center one day earlier by 17:00.
  • Special offer for staying two nights: CENTURY LOUNGE free drink coupon


  1. Please contact hotel with the project of “2018 Challenge Asia Pacific Athlete”.
  2. You could park your bike in the B1 parking space.  
  3. The departure time of free shuttle bus will depend on the event schedule.  
  4. Bike transportation service would be provided at the last shuttle service. Please make a reservation due to limitation of space. Kindly reminded: Transport bag is recommended for avoiding any damage occur.
  5. Check-in time: after 3:00 pm / Check-out time: 11:00 pm
  6. Definition of children : height between 115 to 150 cm or between 6-12 years old.
  7. Definition of toddlers : height under 115 cm or below 6 years old.
  8. Definition of weekday / holiday / special holiday: Sunday to Friday / Saturday / others depending on hotel’s announcement.
  9. Guests can enjoy free wifi, in-house facilities



Chihpen Century Hotel
Address:  No. 30, Longquan Road, Beinan Township, Taitung County, 954

The Suites Taitung

2018 Challenge Asia-Pacific Exclusive discount rates for athletes are NOW available! 
Please make your reservation via email. 

Room Category Room Type Rack Rate 11/15.16 11/17
Deluxe Single/Twin 33M²
Inc. 1 or 2 Breakfast
View Room
King Bed/Twin Beds TWD$ 6,500+10% TWD$ 3,700 TWD$ 4,900
Premier Site 50M²
Inc. 2 Breakfast
View Room
King Bed TWD$ 9,600+10% TWD$5,400 TWD$7,200
Deluxe Family 50M²
Inc. 4 Breakfast
View Room
Double Queen Bed TWD$ 12,000+10% TWD$5,100 TWD$5,700​​


  1. Please contact the hotel as “2018 Challenge Taiwan athlete project”.
  2. The above quoted rates all include tax and 10% service charge in NT dollars.
  3. Check In Time 16:00 p.m. & Check Out Time 12:00 Noon.
  4. 24 hrs snacks and beverage are available at 2F Libery Café,than all have Free Wi-Fi access service.
  5. Reservation must be cancelled before 3 days,In case of late cancellation or no-show, deposit will be charged as penalty.
  6. Room type and room request will be confirmed based on availability at the time of booking.
  7. The confirmation letter will be sent via email within 2 days. Fax or E-mail back to The Suites Taitung.
  8. The above price is suitable for rooms that accommodate two (or single) or four persons. No additional beds or guests are allowed in our rooms.
  9. There will be an additional breakfast fee for children who do not occupy the beds (free for children under 110cm, NT$180 for children above 110cm, NT$300 for children above 140cm). Deluxe rooms come with one bed or two beds respectively; the type of deluxe family rooms is subject to the one provided by the hotel.
  10. Please note that this special event does not share the preferential with other platforms.
  11. The bicycle of a tenant can be placed inside the rooms or the managed parking area provided by the hotel and the parking area will be managed by the all-weather personnel.  



The Suites Tairung
TEL: +886-89-356589
FAX: +886-89-356989
Address: No.18, Ln. 362, Bo’ai Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C) ​

The Gaya Hotel

2018 11/16 – 11/19 Challenge Asia-Pacific Exclusive discount rates for athletes are NOW available! 
Please make your reservation via email.

Room Category Room Type Rack Rate Weekday Public holiday
View Room
One Double Bed/Two Single Beds TWD$ 9,800 TWD$4,900 TWD$5,880
View Room
Two Double Beds TWD$ 12,800 TWD$6,400 TWD$7,680

The Gaya Hotel
TEL: 089-611-828
FAX: 089-611-829
Address: No. 169號, Xinsheng Road, Taitung City, Taitung County, 950

For more accommodation options, please visit Taitung Tourism Bureau Website.